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Welcome to my biography....

 I don't know how to toot my own horn
 others can tell you about me, ...."   one strong lady!"

alot of photos, media, and magazine clips are missing ,

hurricanes , moving ,ect.

over the time that has passed.

I do have a few photos left somewhere around here.

I want no pity ,I want no hand outs,I'm a giver not a taker,

I'm a leader not a follower,I'm humble,I ask for nothing,

but most importantly ....I get it. 

I use my experiences in life to guide me

for the betterment of others including myself.

I ask for no fame, I don't claim to be a hero, unsung heros,

 dignity, doing it because you care

not to make yourself the center of that cause or for any kind of fame.

I could never list how much I have been through

or things i've done in my life.

I am a 3 time spinal chord injury survivor,

 I have also survived cancer,

lyme disease ,

and a lightning strike.


And now have survived an 80 mph tee bone to my drivers side door in 2007.


Some good ,some not so pleasant, experiences if you put it into perspective

 you see its that it is about growth and understanding who you are.

You choose, thats what its about your choices, knowing who you are,

what you are capabable of accomplishing, and what impact you leave behind your actions.

I don't let life chew me up and spit me out!

 I take the good, the bad, the ugly, and find a way to make it positive.

I just searched for my place in this life

and surfing was where I fit in.

I am a good person who likes to do good things. 

                                                         One person can make a difference and it adds up when one multiplies itself.

Against the mathematical theory of 1x something

equals the same I find so untrue.

It is very rewarding knowing that even as a steward

of the littlest things that you can make a difference in just one, or so many lives.

What got me where I am today?

My faith in my Creator, and faith in myself.   

With out small battles we don't  win wars.    

In search of my happiness and life.........surfing gave this to me.

So many people go through difficult things in there life

some more and some worse than others.

Some who never asked for, or deserved it.

 Some grow up becoming the very pain they endured.

I grew up being different and having to endure the pain of social ridicule

as a prodominately native american/causcasion and a woman.

I am one who is making sure that changes.

"   I want to be that one person and hopefully am one making a difference."

Through personal experiences, I am making choices to help and change

 on many fronts to make sure someone else never has

to walk in the rough path of my experiences and if they do

 im a voice of reason and understanding  for those who have.

I was an emancipated minor from a tough child hood 

moved to Florida in 1982 when i was 17.

I have always truly beeen an athelte and a beach girl.. 


I grew up in the mountains of the North eastern United States.

I married at 18 and was mom by 21...

I lost my husband when i was 25.  

  I started off to college at 25 as a single mom of three,

vowing to God my children would never ever see the days

 or light of what I had been through.


After graduating four years of college with a 4.0 GPA

top of my class as a single mother and landing my first nursing job,

I included my three daughters,

 I took them to visit my patients and my pets as well,

we went to church,
and started building a whole new life

moved away from the Sebastian inlet and landed in Indialantic.

I started surfing competitions to unload the stress from so much responsibility

 from my Nursing Job with the tragic suffering

 of my patients victims of alzheimers, parkinsons and terrible phyzophrenia.  

I made some very good friends now consider

 them as family local surfers and the family . 

 I have an ESA ring this is how much my surfing life impacted me. 

They did not judge me ,

they were much like a family/tribe something i could relate to.

I scrap booked heat sheets from the 90's of

 todays best surfers names on them as children.

 My daughters also into it,

Kelly  96  M BB Champion & Lorna  champion girl body boarders.

Some of the first girls names i surfed with etched in my mind forever

Jan Futch, Nancy Peters, Misty Baker, Jennifer Goldfarb,

Rhiannon Andreychick ,Frieda Zamba, Kira Sheppard, Dawn Ahlert,  ...

There were only a few of us women in those days some my age some teens,

 some young girls but we were the first women surfers of our time!

In the long board division i was the only woman ,

 so i had to surf against men boy did i hear how much girls didn't belong out there too.

Surfing turned into more for me....

I started doing fund raisers to help causes for the ill,crippled,suffering, and unfortunate.

I have video footage of ESA comps and others in the 90's , pipeline of the 70-80-90s footage.

I also opened up options for my three girls mind you this was not easy we were always busy...

My daughters were entered into surfing comps,

swimming,diving,tennis,soccer, scouts,

musical instruments soccer,gymnastics,

religious education, travel and culture, modeling,

they had been exposed to broadway shows, the olympics,

musical concerts, fund raisers,amusement parks,

and research for cures, we stayed very busy..

After I left this island and traveled all over the states and over seas

I came back south and I lived in Tampa for 10 years, until 2009

two years after being crushed and imobile I was so over it! 

   I really want to stay near my daughters

but they are successful adults now .

I missed my home on the beach  where my girls and

my surfing life were born here on this barrier island.

I was a single mother of three for 18 years.

Put my self through college at BCC  and UCF.

I created a good busy,stable life for my kids.

 I used to surf,work, and live here,1985 -1996

 my kids born and raised  here,

I was nurse an avid  and competetive surfer,

 and was very involved with alot of great things and people.  

Getting involved with all the things that were a part of my life

 and made me happy and are giving me a chance

to have a reason to live and be here.

I've been a single mom many years and have seen

 what the streets have to offer our youths and

 I want to give theses kids options other than what the

streets hold for misguided

kids from single parent homes, or from boredom.

 Give them options, hope, and choices that could change there futures.

 It has taken me three years to regain some use of my affected leg.

Get off all the meds they had me on, and start surfing again to the best of my abilty. 

 I love kids and doing good things.

My name Donna

but I go by SHARKEY  pretty much always have

and now known world wide as the Surfing Indian

Please allow let me tell you a little about accomplishments: 
 *  I am an award winning web designer

*  I've moved on to master my own domain now. www.surfingindian.com

which is has the most comprehesive 

         link directory for native americans and im also

 currently working on an international surf directory.

*  I am as far as I know, the only female Native American Surfer.

*   Some of the people who got me into competitive surfing were

Trip Freeman, Beef , Misty Baker, and Barry Dix.

*  I am retired 4 div pro/am surfer, went to college and graduated as a single mom,   
     top of my class Brevard Commuunity College Melbourne, and Cocoa UCF.

*   Geriatric nurse working with people who had alzheimers,parkinsns, phsyizophrenia.

*   I am certified in first aid, CPR and am a nurse.

*   I raised three beautiful, intelligent, beautiful, athletic, and talented daughters, 

     who also surfed many districts of ESA

that are grown and sucessful now 

 and they have been everywhere.

   *    I now currently have a load of kids in my neighborhood in my area begging me about
     the Sharkey's Adventure Surf Camp  in Cocoa Beach.

*   I am W Long Board Champion 1994 

 *  I am founder of the Womens Long Board div for ESA CFL  1995

 I used to surf against the men in competition.

*  Used to have a huge surf bash at my home twice a year

with some of the most prestgious local people in surfing.

*   I worked very closely and am good friends with Craig Carroll

who was director for  many years of the ESA

CFL and is a world class champion surfer as well.

*    I worked with Professor Rita Carpi

 volunteering for the Sea Turtle Rescue Mission.

*    I worked code enforcement on the beaches for

the city of Indialantic,Brevard County, Fl

*    Captain Time Bomb Girls Surf Team 1996-1999 ,

 Traveling home, overseas,  everywhere and abroad!

 *   All girls trained properly through swimming,

diving with coach Ginger Maxwell in  Satellite  Beach ,

 *    Surf Team Team Trained in Surfing through

Craig Carrolls Ron Jon Surf School.

 *    Some of my kids went on to NSSA, ESA regionals,

one an olympic contender in  swimmimg!

.*    I also ran up and down the east coast for several years with a sponsored team

 by  Time Bomb Surf out of California

       , promoting young girls into surfing competitively   and just for fun too

 from Florida and every state up the coast all the way to Maine.        

  Surfing ESA -FL every state north on the east coast to ME

 also traveled over seas to a few countries and all of the Carribean islands.

 *   I have had the pleasure of being friends with some great surfers that grew up & surfed  with me in my neighborhood,

Craig Carroll, Freida Zamba, Lisa Anderson,  Kelly, Sean,and Steven Slater,

Jim Phillips, Richard & Phil Salick, Erik Knight, George Maxwell, Trip Freeman, 

CJ and Damien Hobgood, Greg Loehr ,Bruce Walker, Matt Kechele,

some are the shapers of my custom boards.

 *  In competitions and travels I've also had the great pleasure of meeting

 and surfing with my friend the legendary

      Corky Carroll in the Ocean Spray Triple Crown Wave Masters,

 *  US Championships in Texas with Kim "DangerWoman" Hamrock, Felina Spires,   

Murray of Island Surf, Elizabeth Glazner of Wahine Magazine ,       

Brent Dolan of East Coast Surfing.

Mezerol & Dugan of Eastern Surf Magazine and

Glen Henning the founder of   Surfrider Foundation,

Author & Surfer Chris Dixon

Dave Campbell Guiness Book of World Records holder  skateboarding

 who's now opening skate board parks in Tofino BC for youths,

also owner/creator of ShorLB skimboards and many other great surfers too... 

Several times Ive been on TV , News and in the Magz.

*  I ran Keyword Surflink on AOL  the very first on line Sports Forum

 hosting Surf Chat on AOL  years 1994-2000 every night.

I also did the book signing in Ca., for Drew Kampions

book  now collectors first edition " Stoked"   

autographed  by the original Gidget. 

*  I used to help set up and tabulate,volunteer,announce,help judges at competitions for  

  the ESA CFL when the largest district : Director Craig Carroll.

*  At the ESA regionals, I volunteered and tabulated,

 I , my family, and team surfed there


 *  I helped co-host fund raisers for,

                                                                                        and have been involved voulteering and

am now involved and affilated with,

         National Kidney Foundation

 Easters Seals,    


Breast Cancer,

Surf Rider Founation

Surf Museum

Christian Surfers

My Community

My Church

*  I helped co-host fund raiser for the first Breast Cancer

 in memory of  Hawaiian School Teacher Rell Sunn,in Montauk NY

*  I'll soon be involved with and helping the growth in helping inner city

and disadvantaged  kids to get into sports 

instead of what lies on the streets for them in today's society.

*  I have made so many connections from helping setting up these fund raisers and 

 my other travels, events, and ventures!

*   I also intend to keep doing fund raiser's to

help good causes for this disabled and  disadvantaged.

*   And hope to start or head up a Branch of DSA Disabled Surfers Association in the  

USA and North American Continent.

*    In 2009 with the support and love from some old pals Debbie Walker, Barry Dix, Lani Mucha ,

         I surfed in life rolls on and would like to become a local rep for them !

*  I was invited to judge the hurricane hunt  of Surfette Pro in 2009

*   I have recenlty also been honored and added at


a listing of the most comprehensive womens surf directory.

 *   During the Eddie Aikau in December 2009 

I was texting with Buttons Kukualani and brain child was reborn

of re-opening the long time charge to get our sport into the olympic games.

I am am the builder and creator of a worldwide petition and movement

 to get our sport into the olympic games via caught up technologies

RE: language translators  so far in 7 months 

so many  supporters for this petition and growing.


*  I'm also now 2010 involved with the local Cocoa Beach surfrider 

 and help out at other events like the Slater Brothes invitational & AAU


* Im starting a foundation to help people with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

 in hopes of using my sport to help others.

I was in a fatal car crash 4-3-2007  t-boned at 80mph in my driver side door

 at 6:30 am after taking someone to the Hospital,

I was hit felt the blood shoot out my eye, seat belt ripped through me

my drivers seat on the other side of the car, pushed a whole city block.

 I heard the saw, on my car and helicoptered away,pronounced dead 

 well I  woke up some days later on Easter,and the doctors couldn't believe I lived.

My leg was big as an Oak tree......

 I spent 2.5 years in wheel chair and bedridden to a hospital bed.

16 years gone from here so humbled  on my return by all who remember my name 

 Its truley overwhelming.

 I have metal upper femur head ,plates n pins for a hip, & chain link pelvis,

 my leg is discolored and partially paralyzed, drop foot, atrophy, and yes neuropathy

 stints in my carrotid artery ,

and recently found out about an IVC thats in my femoral artery,

sadly its defective and can not be removed.


 I was honored to surf in my first Life Rolls on event

from wheel chair to a walker in July of 2009.

They will surf again.

it is on Grind and Fuel TV

I was told no therapy for what happened to me,

I would possibly be an amputee, I lost everything while I was in hospital

leaving the hospital ..job, car , house, it hurt!   

But you know what I have always been outgoing, self sufficent,

 independent, and am grateful for my life. 

 This was not about me, I lived.....  I moved back

to the happiest most inspirational place of my life in 3/2009.

My girls, friends, family at my side, Gods mercy, and my inner strength all helping me.

I started over, im doing my own therapy, started a home based business,

I can walk some now, I intend to keep my leg, and am taking my life back! 

 I am very outgoing, positive,great with kids, doing good things,

 and will never lose my faith or my stoke! 

 I like being involved in fund raisers and the surfing industry it makes me feel alive,

it gives me focus and purpose.

Quitter never wins, winner never quits!

I am walking some a year later 2010  upon returning to this place i call my home,

and the lifetime of happy memories thats helped me regain some of who I am.

Coming back here has given me the desire to move on ,

 heal , to be involved again,and to help and inspire others!

I was truly honored to be put in the surf museum.

 Women Of the waves in 2010,


captained the winning team for the

 Watermans Challenge 2012

I remain respectfully ,

Donna "  Sharkey "   Avery 

 the Surfing Indian

Other places I've been honored

Surfing is my family , my tribe, it is my life..........

again im truley humbled, Thank You.













Life is just this  "LIVING"

If you have this blessing be a blessing

Committ yourslef to helping others

and being a steward of your community.






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